Monday, April 23, 2007

Web 2.0 Expo - A perspective

The Internet is indeed alive and growing! Last weeks (4/15-18/07) Web 2.0 Expo proved beyond a doubt that the Internet as you knew it just a few months ago is rapidly morphing and changing both itself and the way in which we are able to connect with others. My case in point:

Jeff Bezos founder and CEO of Amazon did not spend one moment discussing his incredibly successful business but instead focused almost exclusively on his new ventures

Search on Blog has gone from nil to 20% of all search activity in less than 6 mos; an astounding figure.

1 in 2 bloggers are under 30. 1 in 3 are over 30.

Word of mouth advertising is fast replacing ad generated spin as the prefered way to sell a service or product.

Widgets and Gadgets are a must.

Test, test and keep on testing.

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