Saturday, February 28, 2009

Medical Care Paradox

Some thoughts on how our advances in technology and medicine have in fact fueled the spiriling costs of health care.

Today we have "answers" for illness that are sheer marvels of technology and medical inginuity. Unfortunetly these "answers" cost money and continue to grow in complexity and effectivness. Years ago when some was diagnosed with a particular condition the (e.g. hyper tension) the "answers" were limited (e.g. lose weight, stop smoking, diurectics, etc.). However today the "answers" for that same hypertensive condition are geometrically greater and more effective; and more costly. There is an economic value to creating newer and better drugs because our medical system will always want to provide a better "answer".

Given that our healthcare system is designed to do all that it can to help those in need is it any wonder why our health care system's costs continue to spiril out of control. Afterall there's no ability to say "no" to our increasingly expensive healthcare solutions ["answers"] for no one - and rightfully so - is willing to deny care when and if its available.

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