Saturday, May 8, 2010

To, or to not get an MBA, that is the question?

Was chatting with a good friend of mine's son about whether to pursue an MBA or not and I asked what he wants to do. He claimed he wants to do a start-up and feels that an MBA would help him secure the financing. Interesting point though I told him understanding what your customer wants and knowing how to build it into a solid "buy-low/sell high, collect early/pay-late" business model that's scalable and deliver value has little to do with getting an MBA. Below is a paragraph from a thoughtful article by Vivek Wahhwa that recently appeared in TechCrunch.

"In my experience, the most successful entrepreneurs have been those with a strong technical background who have been through some sort of “finishing school”. (I am not talking about college dropouts such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs—I consider them to be outliers). Engineering degrees can be very technical and can actually narrow one’s horizons. To innovate, you need to understand customers and markets. To build a successful product—one that actually sells and makes an impact, you need to understand distribution and finance. So even in the lower echelons of technology, a broader educational background is a plus."

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