Monday, June 28, 2010

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

A great check list from Brian Rice to make sure your content driven marketing plan is on track.

  1. Create a content marketing plan that includes a SEO plan, Content Plan and Performance Plan.
  2. Research using free tools such as Compete and WordVision.
  3. Use competitive intelligence to pinpoint opportunity.
  4. Drive search engine success through your SEO plan.
  5. Prioritize keywords to drive your SEO goals. Tip: target a combination of 1/3 keywords that you rank in the top 50 of the search listings, 1/3 keywords that you rank 51 – 100 and 1/3 keywords that you rank 100+.
  6. Create category maps that include the topic, primary keywords and secondary keywords to make SEO writing easier for your staff.
  7. Expand your content asset portfolio.
  8. Listen to the conversation happening on the various social media channels.
  9. Track your SEO rankings. Tip: you can also measure success by evaluating your website traffic, repeat visitors, time on site, conversion rates, content lead generation and content lead conversions.
  10. Tag your content publishing dates.

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